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Creative People and Places is about more people creating and experiencing great art in the places where they live. By talking to people about the kind of cultural activity they want to see locally, each area is creating a distinctive programme that’s unique to the people and places that have shaped it and aims to make a lasting change in communities.


Creative People and Places (CPP) takes place in 21 areas across the country where evidence shows that people are less involved in arts activity than elsewhere in England. Developed by Arts Council England with investment of £37m from the National Lottery, the programme runs initially between 2013 and 2016. But this work takes time. Long term collaborations between local people, artists and partners are fundamental to Creative People and Places to make sure that cultural programmes will continue to thrive beyond 2017.


Projects are being developed with a diverse range of partners including health authorities, local businesses, schools, commercial entertainment industries, community and voluntary groups, sports clubs, housing associations and local authorities.


Creative People and Places is experimenting with radically different approaches to inspire and excite people about the arts. The programme will gather evidence and share learning, to show how the arts can make a difference to communities and the people that live there.


Creative People and Places takes a broad view of the arts. It recognises the value of local art groups and creative activity at home. This is as important as the large-scale arts events created with and for communities. In 2013 and 2014 over 493,000 people went to events or took part in arts activity in their local community as a result of Creative People and Places.


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