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Creative Age project is in partnership with Equal Arts. Creative Age North provides older people living with dementia and other long-term conditions and their carers the opportunity to take part in creative and inclusive activities, celebrate their achievements and support on-going activity through Challenge fundraising.

The aim is to improve participants creative confidence and sense of well-being whilst providing an opportunity to develop the skills and experience of artists working with people with dementia.

The project will be delivered by professional artists skilled in engaging older people with dementia and using the ‘Imagination model’ of engagement as well as artists training in that model of engagement.

Let’s Meet Up Art Group: Coronavirus Update

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Our Let’s Meet Up Art group normally meets every Friday in Seaham to work with an artist and create artwork together. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus crisis the group have not been able to attend their weekly meetings and the group’s sessions were going to have to be cancelled. We have worked with the Let’s Meet Up Art group to ensure that they would still be able to continue with their workshops. This has seen the group go digital and meet online each week over Zoom. The group are working with artist Claire Ford and arts organisation Equal Arts, who post the materials and creative packs needed for each session to the group. The Let’s Meet Up Art group then start some of the creative activities and come together to share their work and discuss it every Friday lunchtime over Zoom.

Over the past two weeks the group were sent a workshop in a pizza box and had the task of turning the boxes into collaged artworks around the theme of Spring. The group are also eagerly awaiting for the post to deliver their first Create At Home pack from Equal Arts so they can start to do some of the tasks in the coming weeks.

East Durham Creates and the Let’s Meet Up Art group want to extend the invite out to more members of our community to get involved! If you have an early diagnosis of dementia or memory problems & live in East Durham please join us for fun, relaxed virtual sessions and who knows what art pack you will receive next through your letterbox! To join the group email Cat at cat@eastdurhamcreates.co.uk or send us a direct Facebook message.


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