We ran two Digitale Creative Lab sessions with young people 14-23 years old in the run-up to our Street Museum Exhibition at Blackhall Community Centre.


Over 2 days, the participants, all living or studying in Blackhall or East Durham, were briefed about the project, met the Durham University team and Curious 12 – County Durham-based design agency, who designed the project logo, map and information. The Creative Lab team then made digital content to promote the exhibition on social media, in quick turnaround working sessions. They used their own responses and ideas about the project and had access to templates Curious 12 created, as well as creating their own designs.


Here is a selection of some of the brilliant responses by the participants below…


Alex Fletcher created a fantastic video to promote the Street Museum exhibition in Blackhall. View here.


Lucy Chidley created an eye-catching clip, in which she cleverly featured the Poseidon coin, one of the artifacts selected by our Blackhall Curators because of Blackhall’s proximity to the sea. View here.


Paris Dance

Paris created a fun question video which we shared on our Instagram stories, allowing people to vote on what they thought the unusual ‘Hedgehog Make-Up Pot’ was. Below is the graphic Paris made which revealed the answer, as well as some useful information about the Street Museum event.






Lili Simpson

Lili created this great poster, which we shared on our social media to help promote the Street Museum exhibition in Blackhall.  We really loved that Lili included a fact, as the whole Street Museum exhibition was a great way to learn about ancient cultures, as well as linking them to our own modern-day communities.





Shauna Lee created a great short clip which we shared on our social media during the week of the Street Museum exhibition. Shauna also created some fantastic sketches of objects that were included in the Street Museum exhibition, as well as sharing with us a photograph of an object inspired by the Street Museum exhibition, that she found at Headland.


Toby Quinn created these wonderful images highlighting words that explain why our Blackhall Curators chose the objects- and translated them to the language of the object (Chinese, Greek, and Japanese).


A huge thank you to all of the young people who got involved in the Digitale Creative Lab Sessions for bringing such creativity and enthusiasm to the posts they made!