Exchanges at Blackhall Community Centre

The start of Spring has really outdone itself this year.  After a week of fog and gloom, we’re starting to forget what the sun looks like and it feels like November all over again. It’s hard to believe that it was only last week we were making our way to Blackhall Community Centre under clear skies for an open Exchanges workshop.

As a number of our previous workshops have worked with specific groups, it was a lovely mix of people who turned up to the workshop to create some art, and huge thanks to the Centre for not only providing cups of tea – but also food for Jane who had managed to miss lunch!

We’re really loving this particular activity – as you may be able to figure out from this picture, part of it involves making a frame from a selection of things that Nicola and Jane bring along, and it’s been really interesting seeing the endless variety of ways people have chosen to design theirs.  We’ve had simple but striking designs where each object chosen represents a family member or aspect of personality, and crammed-full-of-everything-and-anything frames where every time you look you spot something new.

Every session we’re always amazed by all the wonderful, well, stuff that comes out –  Nicola and Jane from Barn Arts have put together a really fabulous collection of found objects.  From green seaglass and driftwood that has been worn smooth over time, to everyday household items.  Art really can be made from anything!

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that each session is running to a different colour theme, and for this workshop it was a bright and cheerful orange.  We’re really excited to see how it all comes together for the final exhibition – details coming soon, so keep an eye on your inbox if you’ve taken part, as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages.

There’s a certain pair of glasses that have appeared at all the sessions, and it seems no one can resist trying them on – we’re gathering quite a collection of photographs of people wearing them!  As always, our sessions are about having fun first and foremost, so we love when people come and play as well as make something.

The sessions are called ‘Exchanges’ for a reason, and over the last few weeks the artists have learned as much from the people taking part as they have about being creative – look out for an upcoming post on our workshops from an artist’s point of view!

If you think this looks like fun and something you’d like to try, we’re holding another free, open-to-all session this Saturday 5th April in Easington.  Everyone is welcome and it’s a great chance to visit Nicola’s lovely farm.  For more information check out our calendar or get in touch via our contact form.


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