Go and See – Enchanted Parks review by Aiysha Homer

“Our visit to Enchanted Parks in December 2014 was a really fun experience, we were greeted on our trip by the event organisers and a group of people who were also going along. The atmosphere on our journey was friendly, relaxed – people were excited and intrigued.

It was good to get out and be part of a friendly group and the venue wasn’t too far from home so my son didn’t become fidgety or bored. We were given some information about the event to read before we got there which I really appreciated this as it was the history around what we were about to see and the artists. It really made the story come to life!

My two children aged 14 and 8 enjoyed seeing all the creative work, being outside in the fresh air, enjoying the night sky and spending time together. My favourite parts of the night were the story of Stella projected onto Saltwell Towers and a piece with a stargazer on a bed surrounded by planets. My son really liked the rocket art piece that was built (and of course the hot dog I bought for him in the Café!). My daughter really enjoyed seeing all of what the artists had to show, wanting to be an artist herself.

I was so pleased we were given the opportunity to be a part of something so lovely. It is hard to get about with the children when I don’t drive. I really valued the experience and hope to enjoy plenty more in future.

My experiences on the go and see visits have been fun, friendly, informative for both me and my children, aged 8 and 14. We have really enjoyed getting out and about spending some quality time together, the creative side to the events that are chosen and being introduced to something new to inspire our minds.”

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Images: Aiysha Homer


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