Following on from our Virtual Go & See Visit to the Serpentine Galleries to see The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever by artist Grayson’s Perry, you all asked us for more! So the East Durham Creates team have created a resource list of online exhibitions, TV shows and talks that you can Virtually Visit to get your Grayson Perry fix, now he is no longer on your TV each week! For more information about our Virtual Go and See Visits click on the link here.

Our original Virtual Go & See Visit In case you missed this visit and wish to catch up click on the link to be transported to Grayson Perry’s exhibition at the Serpentine Galleries: The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever!

We also encouraged you all to watch Grayson’s Art Club on Channel 4 on Monday evenings. Now that the series has finished doesn’t mean you can’t still watch it if you missed it. Why not catch up on 4 on Demand using this link: Grayson’s Art Club


If you have watched all of these and still want more, Check out our resource list of other Grayson Perry Virtual Visits you might like to explore during lock down. Check out the list below:

TV Shows 


Grayson Perry’s Dream House

Turner Prize-winning artist Grayson Perry creates his riskiest and most personal public artwork yet: a loving tribute to the people he grew up among, his homeland of Essex, and Essex women. Follow the link to be transported to Grayson Perry’s Dream House

Grayson Perry: Rites of Passage

Grayson Perry explores the landmark events in our lives: birth, coming of age, marriage and death. He works alongside people who are going through these universal experiences, to try and reinvent these rites of passage. Follow the link to be transported to Grayson Perry: Rites of Passage

Art Inspired by Brexit

Grayson Perry calls on a public divided by Brexit to inspire artwork. Perry engages with people from across the United Kingdom who voted to Leave and Remain in the EU to design gigantic pots which represent each side. Follow the link to be transported to Art Inspired by Brexit



My Pretty Little Art Career

Grayson Perry introduces the full spectrum of his practice from the early 1980s to the present, including new work. Grayson Perry is one of the best known British artists of his generation, acclaimed for his ceramics, sculptures, drawings, prints and tapestries. With a keen eye for detail and a love of the popular and vernacular, Perry infuses his artworks with a sly humour and reflection on society past and present. Follow the link  to be taken to My Pretty Little Art Career

Provincial Punk Exhibition

Grayson Perry takes us though his exhibition Provincial Punk. From a young artist forging his own language in Thatcherite 1980s Britain to his work today, the exhibition explores the idea of ‘Provincial Punk’ as an anti-elitist and teasingly unfashionable spirit of creativity at the heart of his work. Follow the link  to be taken to Perry’s Provincial Punk Exhibition

The Vanity of Small Differences

Grayson Perry’s exuberant tapestries charting class taste and social mobility in contemporary Britain are on tour across the UK. Jacky Klein takes a look while they are on display at Victoria Art Gallery, Bath to convince us Grayson Perry is one of the most important and wittiest artists of his generation. Follow the link to be taken to The Vanity of Small Differences Exhibition.




Ten minutes with Grayson Perry

Grayson Perry interview with Lauren Laverne. As one of England’s most influential visual artists, Grayson discusses gender identity, beards and why masculinity is so hard to talk about. Click here to be taken to the interview.

Grayson Perry, the Crossdressing Potter

Cross-dressing potter,” is the usual prefix for Grayson Perry. The most respected and beloved artist in the UK was awarded the prestigious Turner Prize in 2003. A decade later in 2013, Queen Elizabeth II awarded him the CBE (Commander of the Order of the British Empire). For both occasions, Perry appeared as a woman.We sat down with one of the most unpredictable figures in art, to hear in person how he grew up, his take on art and what takes up his thoughts. Click here to be taken to the interview.

Grayson Perry on Masculinity

Turner winning artist Grayson Perry talks to Lauren Laverne from The Pool about his Channel 4 series ‘All Man’, gender and the issues that modern men face. Click here to be taken to the interview.

Grayson Perry, Unpopular Culture

Grayson Perry’s selection from the Arts Council Collection featured figurative painting, bronze sculpture and documentary photography from the post-war period until c.1980. As the artist explained, ‘Unpopular Culture stems from a notion that, in Britain during the period represented by this show, stories about art did not feature daily in the broadsheets nor did contemporary artists crop up frequently in gossip columns. A time when modern art did not attract crowds and was seen as a more rarefied activity, practised and appreciated by bohemians and intellectuals. The exhibition also refers to a feeling that many artists then made art that could be characterised as subtle, sensitive, lyrical and quiet in contrast to today when much art can seem like shouty advertisements for concepts or personalities. As a group, for me, these works conjure a nostalgic picture of a post-war, pre-Thatcherite Britain, more reflective, more civic and more humane.’ Click here to be taken to the interview.


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