Our Mission

By 2024 we will have tested and created the conditions for the arts to enrich the
quality of life through cultural wellbeing on a sustainable basis for the people living in
East Durham.

Our Vision 

Through engagement in a programme of high-quality arts and creative activity we
will build confidence, increase skills and establish an infrastructure to support East
Durham’s evolving cultural scene.

We will maintain a focus on quality as well as creative participation for an ever-
increasing proportion of our community, further establishing East Durham as a place for creative experiments which are distinctive to our place, working alongside local people as participants, creators, and commissioners.

Our Aims

  • Transform the Arts and Culture landscape in East Durham by creating new and
    regular activity, establishing new groups and introducing mechanisms which
    improve access to engagement.
  • Provide over 40,000 opportunities for people to engage as audience or
  • Provide a national exemplar model for increasing arts engagement in a community with low levels of arts engagement which can be shared with the Arts and Culture sector.