East Durham Creates took 11 local East Durham people to Glasgow Film Festival on a Go & See trip on 22nd-23rd February. The intention of the Go & See was a research trip to see the potential of East Durham hosting a film festival. The group was made up from members of our Community Panel, local artists, young people, and members of our Creative Cinema project.

The group saw a range of films and events over the weekend  to better understand different genres of film. The group were taken to see;

  • Virtually Together
    A mesmeric film experience where the group stepped into a dome and were surrounded by a 360 degree screen. The group were presented with the latest digital video art called ‘Worldd That Don’t Exist’ where they traveled through various landscapes and imagined worlds.
  • Aquarela
    The group were taken to  watch an immersive documentary by Viktor Kossakovsky which transformed a basic element of life on earth into an exhilarating thrill ride. The documentary travelled from the frozen waters of Russia’s Lake Baikal to the mighty Angel Falls in Venezuela, Kossakovsky captured the raw, glorious power of water and its impact on the planet.
  • The Matrix Immersive Event
    A screening of the Matrix was held in an underground vault of concrete arches and the group got to experience mind-twisting immersive installations. After the screening of the movie the group experienced a visual light and music performance which was inspired by the Matrix.
  • Stalking the Image
    This exhibition at Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) was a celebration of the life, work and legacy of filmmaker and artist Margaret Tait. Tait was one of the most visionary independent filmmakers to have emerged from Scotland. The exhibition celebrated Tait’s achievements and showcased some of her films shot on 16mm film as well as work by 9 contemporary artists who have been inspired by Tait.
  • Miniscule
    The group were then taken to see a family friendly musical animation. The dazzling adventure movie featured an innovative combination of real landscapes and animations set alongside classical music, which resulted in a mind-blowing immersive experience that everyone young and old enjoyed.
  • The Feeling of Being Watched
    A documentary by Assia Boundaoui, who accounted through film her incredibly personal and frightening account of one of the largest counter terrorism investigations ever conducted in the USA pre-9/11. The film revealed the enduring impact that a lifetime of surveillance has had on everyone involved.

The group also attended an advisory session by Glasgow Film Festival organiser Jodie Wilkinson as well as a talk with Aileen  – a volunteer at GOMA and editor for BBC Scotland. During the Go & See the group were also taken to The Cafe Project – a community art cafe which hosts workshops, exhibitions and performances.

This group have formed as the main steering group for the organising and planning of a film festival and over the next few weeks will be making decisions regarding an East Durham film festival – keep your eyes peeled for more information in how you can get involved.


What is a Go & See?

As part of our Art for Everyone strand we aim to ensure that people living in East Durham have the opportunity to visit and experience the best arts and cultural events happening across the North East and beyond, through our Go and See programme. We’re working with theatres, galleries, festivals and artists to gain access to special events, back stage tours and discounted tickets for people living in our area. We hope that Go and See will help encourage people to go and see something new without having to worry too much about the cost of tickets or of transport.

We have previously had Go and See’s to Hull – City of Culture, Ouseburn, Willington Man Engine, Great Exhibition of the North, Edinburgh Fringe Festival and many more.

Go & See: Edinburgh Fringe Festival 8th August 2018

Go & See: Edinburgh Fringe Festival 8th August 2018