On the 15th of December 2020, Eastlea Community Centre was lucky enough to premiere Sheryl Jenkins’ Windows of Hope. In the following week, it was also screened on the walls of East Durham Trust’s Community House, Blackhall Community Centre and Dawdon Youth and Community Centre.

The work was inspired by local people’s ideas of what hope meant to them and their hopes for the future and designed specially to feature on the side of community venues that had themselves been beacons of hope during the pandemic. During lockdown Sheryl worked with young people from Dawdon Youth and Community Centre The Youth Hub to create work inspired by their experiences of lockdown – you might also remember Sheryl popping up to do one of our Arts Cafe Live sessions. This meant she was the perfect person to create this brand new piece of work!
The animation was on a loop and screened on the walls of the building for passers-by to enjoy, as well as a cuppa and a slice of cake for those who braved the cold,  we also premiered the animation on our Facebook page so that it could reach even more of our community, and provided a little bit of hope on a cold winter evening!

Windows of Hope Arty Packs

Available at the screenings of ‘Windows of Hope’ was the Windows of Hope arty packs designed by Sheryl Jenkins.  These arty packs were inspired by the Windows of Hope animation and offered individuals the chance to reflect on their own experiences of lockdown.