Let’s Create: Fishes and Wishes

An exciting family arts engagement project


Fishes and Wishes is Fishes and Wishes is a Barn at Easington family digital arts engagement project.

Come along with the Barn artists on an exciting interactive story journey. Help tell the story as well as making the illustrations out of found and natural materials.

Listen to the first episode of the story Fishes and Wishes and watch our how to make a wish fish workshops from Monday 8th June via The Barn at Easington Facebook page.

The Barn at Easington are encouraging all our participating families to find time to go to your local woods, beaches and outside space to create the art works, but you can also make your fish in your garden or yard.

The stories and workshops will be on line and ready to watch from Monday 8th June on The barn at Easington’s Facebook page Fishes and Wishes. You can also watch them below or for extra features visit The Barn’s Website: www.thebarnateasington.co.uk

You will follow our story as it unfolds in three episodes. 

FIRST – Listen to the story. Episode 1

THEN – Watch the how-to-make-your-fish videos. There are three videos showing you ways you might make your fish.

THEN – Make your own fish. Take a photo of your fish and post it to our Facebook page with your wish.

Remember that by doing this you are giving us permission to use your images on our Social Media.

Fishes and Wishes Episode 1 with John Quinn

Workshop 1: Fish in the Woods with Nicola Balfour

Workshop 2: Fish on the Beach with Nicola Balfour

Workshop 3: Fish in your Backyard or Garden with Jyl Friggens

The Making of the King of the Fishes

Fishes and Wishes Episode 2 with John Quinn

Workshop 1: Star on the Beach with Nicola Balfour

Workshop 2: Star in the Woods with Jyl Friggins

Workshop 3: Star Indoors with Jyl Friggins

Fishes and Wishes Episode 3 with John Quinn

The Making of the Boat of Hope

Workshop 1: Boat on the Beach with Nicola Balfour

Workshop 2: Boat in the Woods with Jyl Friggins

Workshop 3: Boat indoors/at home with Jyl Friggins

So get making and get posting and once you’ve done that please fill in our survey


This project is funded by East Durham Creates as part of the Let’s Create Commissioning scheme and Durham Heritage Coast


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