As part of our Art for Everyone strand we aim to ensure that people living in East Durham have the opportunity to visit and experience the best arts and cultural events happening across the North East and beyond, through our Go and See programme.

On 22nd-23rd February, East Durham Creates took 11 local East Durham people to Glasgow Film Festival on a Go & See trip. The intention of the Go & See was a research trip to see the potential of East Durham hosting a film festival. The group was made up from members of our Community Panel, local artists, young people, and members of our Creative Cinema project.

The group saw a range of films and events over the weekend  to better understand different genres of film. The group were taken to see;

– Virtually Together – a 360 degree screening of digital art and animation.

– Aquarela – an immersive documentary by Viktor Kossakovsky.

– The Matrix Immersive Event – with immersive installations and visuals.

– Stalking the Image – an exhibition of film artist Margaret Tait at Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art.

– Miniscule – a family friendly musical animation.

– The Feeling of Being Watched – a documentary by Assia Boundaoui.

The group also attended an advisory session by Glasgow Film Festival organiser Jodie Wilkinson as well as a talk with Aileen  – a volunteer at GOMA and editor for BBC Scotland. During the Go & See the group were also taken to The Cafe Project – a community art cafe which hosts workshops, exhibitions and performances.

This group formed as the main steering group for the organising and planning of a film festival, find out more about this event here.