Strikes of Brilliance

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Phase one has shown us what incredible skills and creative talent there is in East Durham. Now we want to really get stuck in and help to grow this.


There will be a number of projects on offer where you can become creators, producers, commissioners and programmers across a huge range of artforms. Anyone can join in and it doesn’t matter if you ‘don’t think you’re very arty’ as long as you’re up for giving something new a go!


We also know for the arts to continue beyond our funding, certain skills, training and development might be useful! That’s why every project within this strand will offer something to take people further on their creative journey.


Learning more about how to make income, getting access to equipment, be more business savvy, project planning, guidance on funding and anything else you think could help.


The opportunities you can take up through Strikes of Brilliance might be a little bit different but that’s all part of our role in giving you more choice and to see what’s out there.


Our hope is for East Durham to have an ever growing pool of creative experts, which our people and place are recognised for, with ways for our talent to shine (both in and out of the area).


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