Beats & Pieces, Youth Music


Beats & Pieces had aims to develop the musical, personal and social skills of young people aged between 11-16 living in East Durham by providing access to informal percussion music making opportunities.

The pilot project has supported a series of workshops facilitated by a music delivery team from The Sage Gateshead and supported by youth workers from the two trusted community venues, Blackhall Community Centre and Dawdon Youth and Community Centre, hosting the sessions.  The sessions made use of simple percussion ‘instruments’ made from everyday objects; offered the opportunity for young people to gain Arts Award Explore accreditation; Go & See trips and workshops at Sage Gateshead; and finished the project with funding for their own musical instruments to ensure further learning.

Click here to read ‘Case Study: Beats & Pieces, Youth Music’

Feedback from participants

“Music really helps with her ability to express herself verbally” (parent/guardian)

“There’s no judgement from the others in the group – everyone is accepted for their ability” (community centre staff)

“You can see a difference in their emotional wellbeing – even the quieter ones are talking more and interacting with the group” (community centre staff)

“It’s been so good for him with his autism and helped him to make friends” (parent/guardian)

“It’s allowed the children to express themselves more – more than they can with something competitive like sport” (community centre staff)

 “It’s been amazing and really helped him to integrate into school” (parent/guardian)

“We noticed big improvements in young people’s ability to listen and follow instructions as they became more engaged in the project” (Music Delivery Team)

“When we were in the centre working as a big group as I think that helped us to work better as a team, also all of us got along better after every session as we understood each other more” (young person)

“Question: Would you like to go back to The Sage to see a performance?”  “Answer: No, I’d like to perform at The Sage!” (young person)



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